Alliance Against Displacement is a grassroots organization that organizes with communities facing displacement in British Columbia. Our goal is to support the development of people’s power in working class and Indigenous communities and build alliances between our struggles.
Alliance Against Displacement is a grassroots organization that organizes with communities facing displacement in British Columbia. Our goal is to support the development of people’s power in working class and Indigenous communities and build alliances between our struggles.

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  • Stop Demovictions Burnaby September Events
    September 6, 2018
    Stop Demovictions Burnaby Townhall: Development without Displacement Wednesday Sept 12th 6:30 – 8:30 PM Third Floor Burnaby Neighbourhood House (4460 Beresford St. ; across from Metrotown Skytrain
  • Stop Demovictions Burnaby Newsletter: Summer editions
    September 6, 2018
    Stop Demovictions Burnaby is publishing a monthly newsletter featuring articles, poems and other pieces related to the colonial and capitalist roots of evictions in Metrotown. Please see links for the July and August copies. Burnaby Newsletter_July2018_Final Burnaby
  • Emergency rally to defend Discontent City from fascists
    August 18, 2018
    On Friday, August 18, the Soldiers of Odin Vancouver Island chapter announced that they would be dismantling the tent city through physical force tomorrow, Sunday, August 19th, at 1 pm. Discontent City and the Alliance Against Displacement are calling an emergency rally to defend the tent city. We call on supporters to join us, and
  • Emergency Counter-Rally to Stop Racism & Defend Discontent City!
    August 3, 2018
    Discontent City and Alliance Against Displacement plan a counter-rally against an anti-homeless march in Nanaimo organized by “Action Against Discontent City” and the white supremacist gang Soldiers of Odin. UNCEDED SNUNEYMUXW TERRITORY (NANAIMO): On Sunday August 5th, the far right, white supremacist group Soldiers of Odin will join an ad-hoc

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Alliance Against Displacement Campaigns

  • Homes not Hate and Anita Place Tent City // Maple Ridge

    Homes Not Hate Maple Ridge is a campaign to end hatred against the homeless, insecurely housed, poor, and low-income residents of Maple Ridge. Alliance Against Displacement supports grassroots community organizing and organic leaders in Maple Ridge to overturn poor-bashing views and call on City Council to support tent cities in the area and building social housing for those in need.
  • Stop Demovictions Campaign and Tenant Defence Network // Burnaby

    The Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign is a grassroots community organizing project to stop evictions and mass displacement in the Metrotown area of Burnaby. The campaign is organized by the Alliance Against Displacement, ACORN Burnaby, and Metrotown Residents Association, alongside residents of the Metrotown apartments facing demoviction.
  • Surrey Against Criminalization

    Alliance Against Displacement has begun organizing in Surrey with a focus on homeless communities gathered on 135A Street, known as “the Strip.” The constant presence of the RCMP constructs the Strip as a site of criminality. Not only are poor people subjected to government theft of their belongings (including medications, ID, treasured photos, family ashes, etc.), they are routinely under surveillance and targeted for potential bylaw infractions and criminal activity.
  • Super InTent City Society // Victoria

    In Victoria Alliance Against Displacement works with SIC Society (formed by residents of Super InTent City, a tent city that operated from 2015-2016), other people living in temporary or otherwise precarious housing and in punitive ‘supportive’ housing, and housed supporters such as Homes Not Hate. Our focus is ending violence against people living in poverty, especially violence caused by governments, cops, NIMBYs, social workers, and others through criminalization, containment, surveillance, and other systematic means of marginalizing, excluding, and punishing people for being poor.

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  • A loss for Camp Namegans tent city in court signifies a new period of homelessness in BC September 22, 2018
    Friday, September 7th marks a turning point for homelessness in BC. Supreme Court Justice Ward Branch issued an injunction against Camp Namegans, the 4-month-old tent city in Saanich, sending over 100 homeless people back into the thralls of daily displacement. The period when mass homelessness was considered novel has passed. During that period, the courts […]
    Ashley Mollison
  • “The NDP needs to call off their bigots” September 20, 2018
    On Thursday September 20th the NDP-Green government of British Columbia agreed to a temporary halt to its 3-day long intensive police harassment campaign of the 30-50 homeless people who had been residents of Camp Namegans tent city in Saanich. Since displaced from their tent city by court order last Friday, the Namegans homeless were chased […]
    Ivan Drury
  • BC NDP escalate war on the homeless, displacing Namegans Nation tent city in Saanich with police force September 20, 2018
    After losing the injunction, campers relocated from Regina Park to Ravine Way, where they were hit with a trespass notice from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The camp responded with a statement asserting that displacing them from the sanctuary of the site would violate their Section 7 Charter rights. Rather than bring the matter […]
    listen chen
  • Moral Panic and Racist Anxieties: Entrenching Police Power through Surrey’s Gang Task Force September 7, 2018
    On July 3rd, almost nine months after it was formed, the City of Surrey’s Task Force on Gang Violence Prevention released its first report. The Report includes six recommendations, which advocate for an “integrated approach” to policing and violence prevention in Surrey. It insists that integrating police into all aspects of our lives – starting […]
    Isabel Krupp

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