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Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign

Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign

The Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign is a grassroots community organizing project to stop evictions, and mass displacement in the Metrotown area of Burnaby. The campaign is organized by the Alliance Against Displacement, ACORN Burnaby, and Metrotown Residents Association, alongside residents of the Metrotown apartments facing demoviction. Click here to learn more.

Anita Place Tent City

Homes Not Hate Maple Ridge is a campaign to end hatred against the homeless, insecurely housed, poor, and low-income residents of Maple Ridge. Alliance Against Displacement supports grassroots community organizing and organic leaders in Maple Ridge to overturn poor-bashing views and call on City Council to support tent cities in the area and building social housing for those in need. Read more here.

Conditions of Struggle education series

Conditions of Struggle education series

Alliance Against Displacement organizes an education series on topics suggested by collective members. This Spring, Alliance Against Displacement is holding our fourth Conditions of Struggle class series on Sex/Gender Problems and Powers in Anti-Displacement Struggle. We will work on understanding the different critiques and contributions of the recent “turns” in feminist and gender liberation thinking, and apply this thinking in the communities where we are organizing. The series runs April 13 to June 22Click here to view the schedule and syllabus.

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The Volcano publishes news for working-class, low income, and Indigenous peoples across British Columbia, Canada. The newspaper is printed and distributed four times a year, and also maintains a web presence at thevolcano.org. Each week The Volcano publishes an online newsletter with articles and updates on events, actions, and politics around British Columbia.

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