Who we are and what we do 

Alliance Against Displacement is a grassroots organization that organizes with communities facing displacement in British Columbia. Our goal is to support the development of people’s power in working class and Indigenous communities and build alliances between our struggles.

The displacement crisis is urgent, but it is not new. British Columbia was built by displacing Indigenous communities off their lands and onto small reserves. Today in urban areas, gentrification, rising rents, evictions and demolitions are displacing people out of their homes and communities, increasing homelessness. Outside cities, pipelines and other resource extraction mega-projects are displacing Indigenous and working class communities. Globally, millions of people are being displaced from their homelands by war, climate change, and poverty, and when they seek refuge here, they experience the pressures of displacement once again.

Our strategy to fight displacement is to agitate, educate, and organize:

  • Support those on the front lines in the struggle against displacement
  • Fight for tax-based social housing programs and help communities organize to take control over these projects as community-controlled social housing
  • Produce and distribute The Volcano newspaper to link struggles and build resistance, and
  • Organize public education events, including forums, film screenings, and regular reading and discussion classes

Join us to build people’s power and stop displacement!

Click here to read our Basis of Unity