Get Involved in AAD

Get involved in the Alliance Against Displacement

We welcome new members to the AAD membership and to our different regional campaigns. There are many ways to get involved in AAD. We all bring different skills and interests as well as amounts of time and energy, and we values each of our contributions and many kinds of participation.

Some of the work that we do and that you can contribute to includes: organizing activist meetings and activities in communities; advocating for people’s immediate needs; critiquing and combating oppressive power dynamics within our organization; and theorizing our positions in history and strategizing ways to make our political work more powerful. We also do tons of work to maintain our groups: we fundraise, make food, and transport people to rallies. We write and publish. We design posters and websites and leaflets. We speak to media and crowds. We read and discuss together.

A central part of AAD is training each other and sharing our skills to grow individually and as a group. We welcome your interest in AAD and your unique abilities, and look forward to talking about how your participation will strengthen AAD as a whole. Finally, though we bring many different skills and abilities to the work, what unites us is a shared political vision. Take a look at our basis of unity statement to learn more about our politics and hopes for our future.

Steps to membership

If you are interested in joining AAD, come out to one of our local campaigns or projects. This way you can get to know our members through these campaigns and projects, and familiarize yourself with the communities we are engaged with. Our website contains information about all of our current campaigns, and any campaign would be a great place to start.

We also suggest that you become familiar with our overall political vision. Take a look at our basis of unity, about us, history, accountability process, and statements pages on our website to learn more about how we’ve grown in the past four years.

Next, talk to an organizer or email to say you’re interested. We will reply with next steps. If you have not volunteered with us before, we will likely ask you to volunteer to give us a chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us.

Once we have connected, two AAD members will meet with you to talk about the history and political vision of AAD, answer any questions you have about our work and politics, and ask for your reflections on our basis of unity statement as well as our accountability process statement. We will also talk about what our current work looks like, ask you how you would like to be involved, and what skills, abilities, and areas of growth you would like to contribute and explore with us. Finally, the membership committee will report back to the AAD collective to propose your membership.

What does it mean to be a member of AAD?

A new AAD member joins the bi-weekly membership meetings (in-person or online) where we plan our activities and campaigns, discuss our politics, and learn together. New members also choose an existing campaign, committee, or working group to join. These campaigns, committees, and working groups include but are not limited to: our regional anti-displacement campaigns (take a look at our Regional Campaigns for more information), the Conditions of Struggle reading and discussion series, internal political discussion activities, or publishing work with The Volcano newspaper. Depending on your interests, skills, abilities and what you hope to learn alongside us, there may be additional areas for you to become involved in, and even help us spearhead.

Alongside the work you will do with us as an AAD member, you will also make significant contributions to shaping our collective culture and political vision. This kind of work is not limited to a single campaign or activity, and at times it can be some of the most important work that we engage in. AAD works towards collective inclusivity that respects and supports difference; responsible and accountable structures of engaging with communities and working with each other; and reflexive politics and political vision that can adjust to our historical moment as well as to the diverse needs and desires of communities we are intimately involved with. As a new member, you will help AAD grow politically, and you will also support individuals in their personal growth, since we recognize the life-long work of learning and unlearning oppressive power dynamics, politics, and social behaviours.