Conditions of Struggle Education Series

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About COS

Every few months, the Alliance Against Displacement organizes an education series called Conditions of Struggle. The series is open to anyone, and we especially encourage those we have worked with in community settings to join. Each series is on a given theme, suggested by members of our organization. Each series consists of three classes held once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the groups’ time commitments and schedules. AAD prepares readings for each class. These readings are optional, though highly encouraged to participate in discussion. The readings are inclusive of varying levels of reading and language skills, and we strive to include alternative media like comic books and films.

You can find previous reading packages and discussion questions here. To find out how to join a COS education series, visit this link. And if you would like to host COS in your area, please check this page here.

History of the Conditions of Struggle series

In 2015, the Alliance Against Displacement began organizing discussion classes for activists and supporters. The purpose of the series of classes was to: 1) deepen and develop AAD’s political consensus inside the organization, testing and pushing our shared analysis and sharpening our tools of analysis and collective action, and 2) use the outcomes of these discussions to organize public forums and release group-statements on pressing issues, building a broader and more effective organization.

The political framework for the COS Discussion Series is our belief that our diverse global communities will continue to be violently displaced through the coming period. We believe that the global right wing offensive is continuing, deepening, and even becoming stronger. It shows in government policies domestically that cut social programs to relieve corporations of restrictive labour laws and their tax obligations in the name of liberal freedom of trade and markets. These conditions of austerity make our basic needs like housing much harder to meet, which can make our social and political relationships much harder to sustain. A real dangerous effect of this offensive is that it gets into the heads of oppressed people, isolating and atomizing us. In this climate, we believe we must invest in organizing ourselves collectively and consciously, turning our eyes to the long-term, while still remaining attentive to immediate needs.