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Over the past six years we have been supporting and defending tent cities in Victoria, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and Nanaimo, organizing low-income tenants in Burnaby, building capacity and political agency among homeless residents of Surrey, organizing discussion and education classes, and recently begun building urban Indigenous consciousness through a new talking circle campaign. AAD sees these community campaigns as the social base for a new politics; alongside our organizing work we are developing a political vision of a unified anti-capitalist and anti-colonial politics based in the exercise of people’s power.

We currently have 25 members who regularly attend internal organizing meetings and support community campaigns. Our members include low-income, working class, racialized, Indigenous, trans and gender non-conforming people, as well as people living with disabilities. None of our members are paid for our organizing work; every penny donated to our 2018 budget goes directly into community survival, counter power campaigns, and Alliance Against Displacement events.


Sustaining monthly donations

In 2018, we are calling on our many supporters to consider sustaining monthly donations. Reoccurring monthly donations will go a long way in covering the costs of our campaigns and helping us build our organizing capacities. No amount is too small!

  • Sustaining small donors: Monthly donations between $5-20 (or an amount that works for you)
  • Sustaining contributors: Monthly donations of $100-200

Financial contributions can be made through:

We are not a registered charity and cannot provide you with a tax receipt.

Any questions about donating? Email us at We look forward to having a conversation with you!


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