Alliance Against Displacement Campaigns 

Maple Ridge: Anita Place Tent City

Homes Not Hate Maple Ridge is a campaign to end hatred against the homeless, insecurely housed, poor, and low-income residents of Maple Ridge. Alliance Against Displacement supports grassroots community organizing and organic leaders in Maple Ridge to overturn poor-bashing views and call on City Council to support tent cities in the area and building social housing for those in need. Click here to learn more.

Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign

The Stop Demovictions Burnaby Campaign is a grassroots community organizing project to stop evictions, and mass displacement in the Metrotown area of Burnaby. The campaign is organized by the Alliance Against Displacement, alongside residents of the Metrotown apartments facing demoviction. Click here to learn more.

Surrey Against Criminalization

The City of Surrey has the largest RCMP detachment in the country, and it grows larger every year. At the same time, homelessness continues to rise as incomes fall behind skyrocketing rents, and governments refuse to build permanent social housing. In Surrey we are fighting for affordable, adequate, and secure housing, and against the power of cops, courts, and prisons. Click here to learn more.

Victoria: Super InTent City Society

In Victoria, our focus is on ending violence against people living in poverty, especially the violence caused by governments, cops, and social workers, which takes the form of criminalization, containment, surveillance, and other systematic means of marginalizing, excluding, and punishing people for being poor. Click here to learn more.

Nanaimo: Discontent City

For over 300 homeless residents, Discontent City is an important site of collective survival that makes solidarity, safety, and care possible. But Discontent City residents still deal with daily harassment and violence from police, anti-homeless bigots, and organized fascists, including the white supremacist Soldiers of Odin. Click here to learn more.

Conditions of Struggle education series

Every few months, the Alliance Against Displacement organizes an education series called Conditions of Struggle. The series is open to anyone, and we especially encourage those we have worked with in community settings to join. Click here to learn more.

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