Surrey organizing 

Alliance Against Displacement has begun organizing in Surrey with a focus on homeless communities gathered on 135A Street, known as “the Strip.”

The constant presence of the RCMP constructs the Strip as a site of criminality. Not only are poor people subjected to government theft of their belongings (including medications, ID, treasured photos, family ashes, etc.), they are routinely under surveillance and targeted for potential bylaw infractions and criminal activity. Police cruise the strip with an eye out for people with outstanding warrants, stolen property, and/or illegal substances. Being homeless and living on the strip renders their lives public and visible, and survival strategies or coping tactics for personal trauma and the violence of poverty renders them susceptible to relentless criminalization.

Take a look at the recent news below for perspectives from those who live on the Strip, as well as information about the City of Surrey’s lack of support for homeless communities in the area.

Surrey Events and Updates