Vancouver organizing

Alliance Against Displacement organizes in communities across Metro Vancouver. We also partner with campaigns in the Vancouver area to fight against urban displacement pressures. Take a look below at the campaigns AAD is associated with in Vancouver.


Sugar Mountain Tent City

After ongoing legal fights with the City and the new landlords of 950 Main St, Lu’ma Native BC Housing Society, residents of the Ten Year Tent City were forced to relocate. At Sugar Mountain, the City of Vancouver has made it clear that they are more interested in working towards turning the tent city into a permanent outdoor shelter rather than meeting our demand: 10,000 units of social housing every year in Vancouver.

All levels of the Canadian government refuse to recognize, acknowledge, and work against their direct involvement in the lives that are lost through the war that is being waged on Indigenous people as well as low-income and working class people.

Residents of Sugar Mountain are still not being offered dignified housing by the City of Vancouver. City delegates and social workers are telling us that there is housing available and it has been offered to the people involved in Ten Year Tent City and Sugar Mountain. Residents have been offered shelters, transitional housing programs that rely on heavy surveillance and policing, and SROs that are run by coercive landlords that get away with upholding a disgusting standard of maintenance.

Cooking Callout

In order to continue fighting against the City of Vancouver’s social containment strategy, Sugar Mountain Tent City residents are calling on supporters to donate cooked meals to the camp! Current welfare rates make it impossible for low-income people to regularly enjoy nutritious meals so having regular, hot meals at the camp is crucial for the health and safety of the tent city residents. Help the residents of Sugar Mountain keep fighting for dignified housing!

Sign up to provide a morning or evening meal here! 40 portions of food is more than enough to feed the whole camp. No dietary restrictions, though meat dishes appreciated. Meals can be brought to the front entrance at 1131 Franklin St on the corner of Glen and Franklin and someone will welcome you! Or you may coordinated meal delivery through the Alliance Against Displacement.

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