Super In-Tent City, Victoria

In Victoria Alliance Against Displacement works with SIC Society (formed by residents of Super InTent City, a tent city that operated from 2015-2016), other people living in temporary or otherwise precarious housing and in punitive ‘supportive’ housing, and housed supporters such as Homes Not Hate. Our focus is ending violence against people living in poverty, especially violence caused by governments, cops, NIMBYs, social workers, and others through criminalization, containment, surveillance, and other systematic means of marginalizing, excluding, and punishing people for being poor.

There have been many tent cities in Victoria over the past 6 years, reflecting the daily displacement and criminalization of homeless people and the failure of government programs that are more about managing and concealing homelessness than ending it. Super InTent City and SIC Society show the power of unhoused people to politically unite and manage their own homes and lives. Even though Super InTent City was forcibly dismantled in August 2016, the struggle continues and people continue to organize. Visit for ongoing news.

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  • These Walls Are Talking January 12, 2018
  • Rights-based Housing January 6, 2018
    This week, the UN rapporteur on housing Leilani Farha gave a global perspective on the housing crisis in her article Housing is a human rights issue – and… Read more "Rights-based Housing"
  • 14/24 Showers are Out of Order January 3, 2018
    There are currently 10 working showers in a five floor, 147 person building. On one floor, none of the six showers are working. In what other residential… Read more "14/24 Showers are Out of Order"
  • #OpentheArmouries January 2, 2018
  • Royal BC Museum hosts SIC Society January 2, 2018
    The Royal BC Museum held an event last September which the The Martlet kindly recorded. You can listen to Part One and Part Two. “In 2015 and 2016,… Read more "Royal BC Museum hosts SIC Society"
  • Collective demands for just housing December 30, 2017
    The following are our collective demands for housing: We need self-determination and control over our own homes: We need to be treated as adults and as any… Read more "Collective demands for just housing"
  • Annual General Report November 10, 2017
    In preparation for our upcoming Annual General Meeting, we have completed our Super Intent City Society Annual Report Super Intent City Society continues to organize from the 844… Read more "Annual General Report"
  • Defend our community room: We need common spaces to survive! October 23, 2017
      This week, we received notice that on Wednesday, October 25th at 11am, Portland Hotel Society (PHS) management plans to close our resident-run, community room at 844… Read more "Defend our community room: We need common spaces to survive!"
  • Continuing the fight for Homes Not Jails April 3, 2017
    We agreed to move from tent city to 844 Johnson Street on the promise that housing would improve our living conditions not make them worse. We were… Read more "Continuing the fight for Homes Not Jails"
  • Press Release: Super InTent City Residents Release Housing Demands on Eviction Day August 8, 2016
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (August 8 2016) VICTORIA, LEKWUNGEN TERRITORY: Monday, August 8th marks the court ordered eviction day for residents of Super InTent City (SIC). After almost… Read more "Press Release: Super InTent City Residents Release Housing Demands on Eviction Day"

For more information and analysis about organizing by SIC Society and AAD in Victoria, take a look at the following articles published in The Volcano.

S.O.S. at PHS: By SIC Society

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