Ten Year Tent City

At 9am on Friday April 28th, one week before the 2017 BC election and two weeks after the release of the highest homeless count in Vancouver history, a dozen homeless people and a group of supporters took over a city owned empty lot, founding a new tent city. Dubbed the “10 Year Tent City” because this lot was also taken as a tent city in 2007 and while the government promised housing, the lot still stands empty and homelessness has boomed.

Last year BC alone lost over 900 people to drug overdoses–another epidemic killing our neighbours. Tent cities bring people together who watch out for each other and, if need be, can save each other from dying of overdose.

Donate to the Ten Year Tent City
 A donation page was set up to pay for food, tents, blankets, warm clothes, banners for handmade signs, tarps, first aid supplies and other miscellaneous supplies needed to keep this tent city running.

Volunteer at Ten Year Tent City
Volunteers were called for shifts.. to be present at site on Monday morning and every morning following (until further notice) at 8:30am as the police are expected to show up at any time and evict the residents. Residents also asked supporters to sign up for regular shifts that consist of clean-up, moral and community support, help guard the space against police, fire, and social worker invaders, and other supports for residents to defend and improve the camp.