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  • “We’re not eggs in an omelette, we are people”: Burnaby finally embraces inclusionary zoning, but it won’t stop demovictions and displacement August 11, 2018
    The vacuum that Mayor Corrigan and Mayoral candidate Hurley are jostling to appear to fill is between the NDP’s development-at-all-cost City politics and the new uncompromisingly anti-eviction political pole set up in the streets and apartment buildings of Metrotown. Regardless of the electoral outcome, there is no doubt that Burnaby’s electoral landscape has been reset […]
    Zoe Luba, Emily Luba, Cecile Revaux, Sean Phipps
  • Take to the streets to fight the far right August 8, 2018
    The last decade has seen the rise of far right, anti-immigrant, white supremacists groups across the world, from Europe to Turtle Island. Some of these groups, like the Canadian chapter of the Soldiers of Odin [SOO], are savvy enough to sanitize their Islamophobic, racist ideologies to the public, while openly engaging in virulently racist hate […]
    listen chen
  • Homes not Nazis! August 8, 2018
    This weekend, in Portland Oregon and Nanaimo British Columbia, the descendants of the worst relics of history’s most racist and imperialist powers are out in the streets. Soldiers of Odin, a white supremacist, anti-immigration, fascist group is marching to “end” a tent city that is home to hundreds of displaced and dispossessed people. But rather […]
    Cecile Revaux
  • How I Celebrated Pride: Fighting fascism in British Columbia’s peripheral cities August 8, 2018
    On Sunday August 5th, 2018 the 40th annual Vancouver Pride march took place. At the same time, the fascist organization Soldiers of Odin and ad hoc hate group called Action Against Discontent City marched on the nearly 3-month old tent city in Nanaimo. As a working-class queer trans woman, I knew we needed to defend […]
    Laura Paul
  • “The City doesn’t care if we die or not”: Discontent City confronts municipal fascism in the form of a draconian fire order August 8, 2018
    On Thursday July 26th, campers and supporters responded to Nanaimo Fire Chief Karen Fry’s threats against the city’s two-month old homeless camp, called Discontent City, with a rally against the punitive and unreasonable fire order. Discontent City residents and supporters, including friends from the allied Anita Place tent city in Maple Ridge, declared that they […]
    Ivan Drury
  • Is anti-homeless hate right wing extremism or government policy? August 8, 2018
    Since Discontent City opened on May 17th, there have been hundreds of vigilante threats made against the camp and its residents. On the first night of the City’s injunction hearing against the camp, a group of bigots pelted a woman in camp with stones and bottles from on top of the parkade across the street, […]
    Discontent City, Nanaimo
  • The Vancouver Police Department’s practice of indiscriminate carding is a violation of constitutional rights July 21, 2018
    The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) and British Columbia Union of Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) filed a complaint to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Chief and brought to public attention what racialized communities have been saying for years: police unfairly target Black and Indigenous people for street checks, or carding, which refers to stopping individuals […]
    Lama Mugabo

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