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  • The Legal Roots of Anti-Homeless Hate: Understanding the anti-homeless bias of personhood and rights in Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms April 19, 2019
    In July 2018, Alliance Against Displacement held a panel in Nanaimo called “Poverty and Discontent: The Legal Roots of Anti-homeless Hate.” This panel discussion took place as public hostility against Nanaimo’s Discontent City was simmering. It was another month before this hate reached its boiling point, where vigilantes partnered with the Soldiers of Odin to […]
    listen chen
  • Don’t kid yourself, this isn’t just a homeless camp: The lifesaving need and anti-poverty struggle of Anita Place tent city April 19, 2019
    On Saturday, February 23rd, Anita Place tent city held a press conference as the City of Maple Ridge sent over fifty cops, bylaw and fire officers to seize heaters and propane from tent city residents, removing their only source of heat in the midst of a cold winter. The following text is a transcript from […]
    Justin Tottenham
  • From Berlin to Burnaby: Tenants march against evictions and “rent madness” April 12, 2019
    On Saturday, April 6th 2019, Stop Demovictions Burnaby took to the streets of Metrotown once again to demand “Homes for People Not for Profit”, buoyed by the spirit and strength of roughly 50 same-day actions around the world. The march was part of the Berlin-based #Mietenwahnsinn movement, which mobilizes people across Europe and North America […]
    Stop Demovictions Burnaby
  • Women’s liberation is anti-capitalist struggle: lessons from Black Panther women April 8, 2019
    On March 8th, the Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada held an event in Surrey to commemorate International Working Women’s Day and highlight its origins in socialist feminist struggle. Laura Paul spoke on behalf of Bread, Roses, and Hormones, alongside speakers from the East Indian Defence Committee, the Revolutionary Student Movement, Surrey People Power, and Gabriela […]
    Laura Paul
  • City of Vancouver votes to divest from Vancouver Rape Relief next year March 16, 2019
    Thursday, March 14, Vancouver City Council voted to stop funding Vancouver Rape Relief (VRR). Council passed an amendment that VRR’s 2019 grant be considered “termination funding,” with the clarification that no grants be awarded in the future until the organization makes changes “to become aligned with the grant criteria and City policies.” This means that […]
    listen chen
  • It’s no secret that they want us gone: Vigilante arsons follow on the heels of the City’s assault on Anita Place March 2, 2019
    Within a week of the City of Maple Ridge cutting power and heat to Anita Place tent city and deploying dozens of police, bylaw, and fire officers to confiscate heaters and propane from residents, three homes have burned down at Anita Place, all within 24 hours. Since it was founded in May of 2017, there […]
    The Volcano
  • The Volcano’s top 10 of 2018 February 22, 2019
    The Volcano published over 100 articles last year, which isn’t bad considering we only started up again in April after a year-long hiatus. These are some of our most read – and under read – articles of 2018. Top 5 most read articles In 2018, The Volcano published news and analysis not found anywhere else. […]
    The Editors

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