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  • Public-Private Colonialism June 20, 2018
    We have been bombarded by the propaganda of Justin Trudeau’s Federal and Rachel Notley’s Alberta governments that the Kinder Morgan pipeline is in Canada’s “national interest.” When Kinder Morgan pulled out of the project at the end of May, Ottawa immediately stepped in with a $4.2 billion offer to purchase the pipeline. Ottawa has agreed […]
    Harold Lavender
  • Urban Indigenous women lead the fight against colonization and capitalism in BC’s newest tent city June 20, 2018
    Canada’s housing crisis exposes and carries on colonial legacies by disproportionately impacting Indigenous people in Canada. In rural settings and urban centres, Indigenous people experience overcrowding and illness from poorly constructed homes, and racism and discrimination when seeking and maintaining housing. Over half of the population of Indigenous people in Canada live in urban centres, […]
    Ashley Mollison
  • Surrey preparing to “make homelessness illegal” after shuttling the 135A Strip indoors June 19, 2018
    Politicians are celebrating the news that the 135A “Surrey Strip” is going indoors as social workers have begun moving residents of the iconic 3 year old camp into 160 Atco trailer rooms. But homeless residents of the Strip and advocates with Alliance Against Displacement are not uncritically celebrating. They see the move as the beginning […]
    Ivan Drury
  • The Future Lives Here! AAD’s new Surrey office continues multi-region movement building June 19, 2018
    On May 1st, 2018 Alliance Against Displacement (AAD) signed a lease together with Migrant Worker’s Dignity Association (MWDA) for a large office and meeting space in Surrey. The space, a former grocery store, is located on 10679 King George Avenue near the Gateway Skytrain Station in Whalley, on the occupied Coast Salish Territories of the […]
    Maria Wallstam
  • Surviving the season of policy reform: The dead end of legislative pragmatism and the revolutionary imperative June 19, 2018
    The spring of 2018, apparently, is the season of housing policy reform. The Trudeau Liberal government has released the blueprint for its National Housing Strategy, which is still, incredibly, indefinite about how many low-income accessible social housing units their $20-billion plan will build. The BC NDP government has set sail its Rental Housing Task force […]
    Volcano Editors
  • Has multiculturalism killed gay liberation? June 8, 2018
    On May 23rd, the City of Vancouver officially launched their “Year of the Queer” proclamation with a panel discussion in Council Chambers, followed by food trucks, live music, and the raising of trans and rainbow flags outside City Hall. The panel discussion was moderated by Councilor Tim Stevenson (who, you may remember, was part of […]
    listen chen
  • Our Language: Multiculturalism June 8, 2018
    If you ask a white person in Canada what the difference is between U.S. and Canadian race relations, they will likely say something like: “The U.S. is a melting pot and Canada is multicultural.” The myth of Canadian multiculturalism is that at some point in the last 40 years, Canada stopped being a white supremacist […]
    Isabel Krupp & Ivan Drury

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