<i>The Volcano</i> publishes news for working-class, low income, and Indigenous peoples across British Columbia, Canada. The newspaper is printed and distributed four times a year, and also maintains a web presence at <a href=”http://thevolcano.org”>thevolcano.org</a>. Each week <i>The Volcano</i> publishes an online newsletter with articles and updates on events, actions, and politics around British Columbia and beyond.

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  • Canada’s federal $107 billion COVID-19 aid package props up banks on the backs of the poor March 28, 2020
    Canada’s $107 billion “COVID-19 Aid Package”, passed on March 20, is a slap in the face to every working and Indigenous person in Canada. As we lose our jobs and hear from landlords that rent will still be expected on April 1st, those of us who are not already mobilized in communities and mutual aid […]
    Tyler Gaudet
  • #Squat2Survive! Homeless communities must take over vacant buildings to escape Canada’s COVID-19 hothouses March 28, 2020
    For our communities to survive, we need to do what the government refuses: house ourselves by taking over abandoned and empty buildings.
    The Editors
  • We fight for Wet’suwet’en sovereignty, the extinction of fossil fuel capitalism, and the defeat of Canada January 11, 2020
    Statement by Alliance Against Displacement On the morning of Sunday January 5th 2020, all five clans of the Wet’suwet’en nation called for solidarity actions to support their decision to evict Coastal Gaslink from their territories. This eviction action is a direct challenge to the ruling released on January 1st by Chief Justice Church of the […]
    Alliance Against Displacement
  • Canada’s “Best Tenant Assistance Policy” allows Mayor Hurley to continue apartment demolitions in Burnaby December 19, 2019
    After fulfilling his election promise of implementing a 6-month moratorium on rezoning and demolishing apartment buildings in the Metrotown neighborhood of Burnaby, Mayor Hurley is starting up the demoviction bulldozer again. On Monday, December 2nd 2019, Burnaby City Council voted to pass, in principle, their Housing Task Force’s Tenant Assistance policy. Media coverage has focused […]
    Laura Paul
  • Publishing and organizing December 17, 2019
    Support The Volcano in 2020! In 2015 The Volcano launched as a newspaper to record and encourage the development of a new movement against displacement and dispossession. Until then, The Volcano had been called the Downtown East and was published as an organ of the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council (DNC), a group of low-income Downtown […]
    The Editors
  • Nosotros la sangre nos hierve: Stand with Bolivians rising up against the right wing, anti-Indigenous coup December 11, 2019
    In the week since the anti-socialist, anti-Indigenous coup in Bolivia, thousands of Indigenous people, campesinos, and working class people have marched into the capital La Paz chanting against the coup-leaders, “Mesa, Camucho, queremos sus cabezas!” (Mesa, Camucho, we want your heads!). This chant is part of the street mobilizations following the country’s first Indigenous president […]
    Alliance Against Displacement
  • Not one more dime for the cops that assault us December 11, 2019
    Alliance Against Displacement calls for the City of Vancouver to redirect the VPD budget to housing for the homeless As Vancouver’s City Council readies to vote to increase the budget for the city’s police department, which they do obediently and without hesitation every year, a Global News story has appeared complaining about the cost of […]
    Alliance Against Displacement

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